Green coffee for weight loss : pass or fail ?


Green coffee for weight loss or coffee roast and taste …


The green coffee is not coffee generated by the green beans, but it is the unroasted coffee; it has become fashionable as a products for weight loss.

What is found in commerce with this name is nothing more than a mixture of raw coffee beans, then not toasted, robust quality, which has almost the same characteristics of the classic coffee already roasted.

It is know that if you drink a few cups of coffee a day, your heart will be more healthy, you detoxing your colon, your brain is more active, and it is also know that the caffeine helps digestion, weight loss and helps to firm the skin.

The main beneficial properties of coffee (classic black coffee and green or raw coffee ):

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory – antioxidant action because the components and vitamins are in the coffee

  • Metabolism of fats – the action of the caffeine , which has a lipolytic effect and reduced absorption of fat

  • Levels of blood glucose – the coffee acts on the intestinal mucosa decreasing the amount of absorbed sugars .

The difference between green coffee and the classic coffee is minimal and is mainly in the quantity and quality of the caffeine, as well as in the mode of application.
The classic coffee drink in many cups, in many times a day with roasted coffee, ground and done with espresso machine, with moka, with pods or capsules. Both the coffee, the classic and the green coffee have different amounts of caffeine depending on the mixture coffee (blend) and of its typology (robust or arabica).

The green coffee is sold in different forms: as tablets or soluble, to be taken in a amount defined by the producer, or is directly in coffee beans .
The green coffee beans are exactly the same as a coffee roasting as ABC is toast every day, but must be chopped finely with a mortar and consumed as an infusion.

But why green coffee is called “green coffee for weight loss” and not the black coffee?

It is known like “green coffee for weight loss”, as well that for caffeine properties, for his chlorogenic acid content, wich say be richer in coffee beans not roasted. Just to chlorogenic acid are associated slimming properties of green coffee; is one of the polyphenols present and that make coffee a strong antioxidant.

The properties of chlorogenic acid are the same of weight loss and in fact have not been proven scientifically; indeed, the European Food Safety Authority ( EFSA ) has not recognized the qualities of this fat burning coffee and slimming green coffee becomes just a new fashion.

For the slimming effect: rejected.

For the beneficial effects: promoted.

In ABC Caffè we can only accept the EFSA scientific analyzes and continue to support all the qualities of coffee, green or black, and continue to roast it to perfection according to the traditional method ever for realize our blend more sought.


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